The University’s Crisis Management Team (CMT) and other University officials have stayed alert throughout the day to the storm that passed through the area and continue to monitor the effects on campus and at University facilities, including Wake Downtown and the Charlotte Center.

At present, the University is operating normally. The CMT and others will continue throughout tonight and Friday to survey University facilities and respond to storm-related issues as needed.

Off-campus there are a number of problems caused by the storm, including power outages in Winston-Salem and other nearby areas, flooded roads, and downed trees. Affected areas include neighborhoods adjacent to the campus. Drivers and pedestrians are encouraged to stay alert to any hazards they may encounter.

Officials are working now to assess which University-owned houses around the perimeter of campus may be without power.

On campus, the Porter Byrum Welcome Center and nearby Starling Hall are currently without electricity, and it is not known when power will be restored.

On campus, a tree came down and blocked Allen Easley Street for a short time this afternoon before it was removed. Trees also have been reported down at other University locations, such as Graylyn Conference Center, Reynolda House and the adjacent Reynolda Village. The University has contractors on hand to respond to downed trees.

Minor water leaks have been reported in some campus buildings, including residence halls.  Facilities and Campus Services staff are responding to all reports of leaks or any kind of water intrusion.

Flash flooding occurred at various locations on campus today, particularly in some parking lots.  University officials are attempting to determine if any vehicles experienced damage from flash flooding. Such flooding has been receding late today. All on campus are cautioned to stay alert to any flooded streets, parking lots, sidewalks and other areas they may encounter on or off campus. They are also encouraged to stay alert during drives off campus in the days ahead.

University officials urge that no one walk or drive through standing water. In addition, all are encouraged to stay alert to any potentially downed power lines they may see.

If anyone sees a hazardous condition on campus, please report it to University Police at 336-758-5911.

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