Wake Forest University Police has received information regarding a fraud scheme in which individuals claiming to be law enforcement officers or others involved with the criminal justice system are targeting WFU families. The caller tells a parent or family member that their student has been arrested and bail bond money must be sent using Venmo.

If you receive a call, text or email from someone who requests that you send money to resolve an issue, the story can be compelling. Do not send money. Law enforcement agencies will never ask you for money over the phone.

Spoofing is when a caller disguises the number they are calling from so the call appears to be from a legitimate phone number, in many cases, the University Police Department. It is often used to trick people into sharing personal information — sometimes using fear tactics with false stories of loved ones or friends in trouble and in need of money. The FCC website offers information on spoofing and tips on how to avoid such scams.

Be alert to a possible scam if anyone contacts you unsolicited and asks for money or personal information.

If you have questions or concerns about your student’s wellbeing or whether a call you received is legitimate, call the Wake Forest Police non-emergency number at 336-758-5591.